Portfolio & Project Management (PMO)

Your projects don’t realise what they promise?

We help increasing the value your projects deliver!

Again and again, new projects arise around the office, for which there is no time left.
Projects to be followed and implemented, training sessions held, presentations to be created.

We can help you with:

  • Project Portfolio Management
    • Help you to select the right projects by considering business impact
    • Provide regular status reports on the portfolio status & performance and recommend changes in terms of priorities, schedule changes, budget & resource reallocations
  • Project Management Culture
    • Increase the maturity level of the project management culture in your organisation
    • Implement / improve project management methods, customized to your environment
  • Project Management Coaching
    • Act as a adviser/trainer for your project management questions
    • Be the soundig board, coach & challenger for your project managers
  • Project Management Execution
    • Plan, monitor & manage your project throughout its lifecycle (Organizational, IT, Administrative projects)
Tell us about your wishes and challenges, our experience will help you to find a solution.